Cross Examination

Wild Rose -- Being a single mom is tough for Dani Wilde without friends and family around to help, but escaping the town where she grew up and starting life fresh seems like her only option. If she stays in Montrose, Dani will get pulled back into her baby daddy’s life, and she doesn’t want her child around him or his friends.

Moving back to Telluride doesn’t seem like such a good idea, but Cole LaFleur has no other choice. His mother needs help to reopen the old Wild Rose Inn she inherited from her father, and Cole needs to get away from the heartache he left behind in California. When his mother hires a woman with a baby to work with him, he can’t see how hiring Dani can be anything but trouble.

Strange things begin to happen in the old hotel, and it seems the renovations have stirred up more than dust.

Wild Rose

Deceptions of the Heart -- What would you do if one morning you awoke in someone else’s body?

Surviving as Jennifer Cristobal isn’t easy for Rhonda Prentiss. Three years ago, a sudden, fatal trauma stripped Rhonda of her middle-class, stay-at-home-mom existence. A brand new shock prompts Rhonda’s essence to invade Jennifer’s soul, suppressing the other woman’s memories and replacing them with her own. When Jennifer’s heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Crane, can’t—or won’t—help her understand her unusual body-swapping dilemma, she turns to the only man she can trust. But can she fully trust Jennifer’s husband, Anson? Rhonda’s memory proves faulty—and sugarcoated. Multiple threats from her past shake her fragile hold on mental stability. If one of her enemies succeeds, he will kill Rhonda’s soul… or Jennifer’s body… or both.

The Memory Catcher

The Memory Catcher -- Seeing into someone else’s dark past can be dangerous.

When someone touches Naomi Fuller, she catches visions of dark memories that fill the other person’s soul with regret, fear, or shame. Living with other people’s guilt leaves little room in her psyche for her own history. She recalls seemingly unconnected events, but did those horrible incidents happen yesterday, last week, or six years ago?

Naomi believes someone is messing with her mind, so she turns to Sidney Ashe for help untangling her distorted timeline, but the more she leans on him, the more she questions his motives. Can she distance herself from Ashe when her heart is hopelessly falling for him?

As Naomi struggles to understand how her emerging memories mesh with the guilty memories of everyone around her and things become clearer, she fears there is a killer in Clallam County who would do anything to stop her from remembering.

The End -- Sometimes the end is only the beginning.

Almost two years after her husband dies, Ellie Marston opens the file for Tab's last manuscript, a thriller so compelling it reads like a true story. His manuscript needs an ending, so Ellie writes the obvious conclusion. The same morning she types The End, her career as an assistant district attorney falls apart. Accused of throwing the high profile Malone case, she resigns in disgrace.
The only friend Ellie has left in the criminal justice system is Det. Paul Santiago. While she was married to Tab, she squashed her growing feelings for Paul, determined to make her deteriorating marriage work,.

Paul's heart is breaking for Ellie. He hid his feelings for her as he watched from the sidelines while her husband betrayed her over and over again. Now, Paul has a chance to help her mend her broken heart, but will she let him?
Together, Paul and Ellie attempt to uncover a conspiracy in the District Attorney's office, the set up that forced her to resign. The key to the mystery is hidden in the pages of Tab's manuscript. and Ellie's ending is the only logical conclusion to the story. 
Danger swirls around them as they step further and further into the conspirator's trap.

The End

Deceptions of the Heart

Cross Examination -- What would you do if you discovered the father of your child was a psychopath?

No longer able to tolerate her husband Scott’s abuse, Tamara Slay packs up her daughter, Gabby, and moves to Louisiana, hoping a new life and a new identity will give her a fresh start. An unexpected phone call from a Sheriff’s deputy in Florida shatters her sense of security. Scott hides a much darker secret than abusing his wife. Above all else, she must protect Gabby from Scott.

Lt. Martin Beck of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating the death of Brandy Fuller for years. Sidetracked for a while by his wife’s murder, Beck finally reopens the cold Fuller case and discovers a thin lead. The new evidence takes him to Louisiana to meet the estranged wife of his primary suspect. Together, Beck and Tamara conclude that Scott not only murdered Brandy 
Fuller, but seven other women on the Florida Gulf coast.

As Beck dives deeper into the investigation, he draws closer to Tamara. Passions ignite as the one woman who wants Scott dead the most allies with the one man who wants Scott dead the most. Can Beck protect Tamara and Gabby from Scott and stop a serial killer from killing again?