The mountain town of Dare Lake seems like an idyllic place to stay for a while, but it only takes a few days before Dellanee Mason hears the local haunting rumors. The legend of her grandfather, Jackie Mason, and his untimely demise on Dare Mountain has drawn her to the town and the mountain. The former mob hitman left something behind on the mountain that she wants...something she wants more than anything.

Strange things happen on the mountain at night, and Dellanee wonders if she is the only one who can feel the mountain tremble. The mountain belongs to her, and she wants to possess it in the same way that knowledge of its existence has possessed her from the moment she first heard of the Mason family legacy. The closer she gets to achieving her goal, the more the mountain vibrates.

Then, Michael Johnson comes to town with his own agenda for locating the remains of Jackie Mason, and what he tells her changes everything. Michael hides secrets as well, and Dellanee doesn't quite trust his motives. Can the two work together to discover the truth, or will their separate desires collide on the island in the middle of the lake at the top of Dare Mountain?

Denise Moncrief