Haunted Hearts Series

Set One: Arkansas Hauntings

Book One: Laurel Heights  - Released September 2014

Book Two: Victoria House - Released November 2014

Book Three: Ashley Ridge - Released April 2015

Book Four: Shaw's Landing - Released July 2015

Book Five: Chelsea Lane - Released November 2015

Set Two: River Road Hauntings

Book Six: The Unmistakable Scent of Gardenias - Released March 2016

Book Seven: The Curse of a Single Red Rose - Released June 2016

Book Eight: The Trail of Crushed Azaleas - Released October 2016

Book Nine: The Wind Through Magnolias- Released April 2017

Book Ten: The Sweet Madness of Honeysuckle- Released January 2018

Coming Soon

The Prescience Series

Book One: Second Sight - Released April 2018

Book Two: Dream Sight - Coming 2018

Book Three: Blind Sight - Coming 2018

​Book Four: Dark Sight - Coming 2019

​Book Five: First Sight - Coming 2019

The Dare Lake Trilogy

Book One: The House on Dare Island

Book Two: The Cottage on Dare Lake

Book Three: The Cabin on Dare Mountain